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Wedding Survival Kit

What’s a “Wedding Day Survival Kit”? Well this is your just-in-case bag that should be with the VIP’s on your big day. This tool kit isn’t just for the married couple, but also for your very important entourage.

Let’s be honest spills, rips, and last minute alterations happen way more often then we like to see, so be a superhero bride or bridesmaid on the big day and pack your kit with some important tools.

Here are 10 essentials:

1.Double sided tape. Great for holding loose straps in place.

2.Medicine (pain reliever for Julie because she had wayyyyy to much fun at the rehearsal last night, allergy medicine, antacid, or anti-nausea)

3.Pins, pins and more pins. Good to have some for a quick fix or a major alteration on a dress or pants that don’t seem to fit right.

4.Mini Sewing kit complete with scissors, needles, thread, buttons and safety pins for those make-it-work moments.

5.Blotting papers for absorbing shine and oil, not your professional makeup.

6.Double step foot treatment and friction stick for blister prevention so you can still dance the night away.

7.Mini first aid kit with Band-Aids, liquid bandages, and antiseptic; safety first!

8.Granola bars and water because someone will always be hungry and thirsty.

9.Stain remover pen because there is always one clumsy bridesmaid.

10.White chalk. This works as a backup if the stain isn’t coming out of a white dress, you can always mask the stain with chalk.