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Edmonton Engagement Photographer, dogs, Summerside Photographer

In this image we wanted to create a nice portrait of the couple with their beloved dogs. It was a little difficult to get their attention but once we had them both looking I managed to get a few shots and choose the best one. We were very lucky to have gorgeous weather for Kristy and Josh’s engagement photos. When we asked them what kind of location they preferred, they really wanted to incorporate nature as much as they could. They are both outdoorsy people, so a nice park with trees and water would suit them best. Kristy and Josh also wanted incorporate their love of animals so they brought their awesome dogs Rogue and Gryphon. We were very lucky to have Kristy’s friend Amber join us for the session to help with the dogs. She held treats behind us to get the dogs attention. .We decided to have their shoot at 8815 Ellerslie Road SW in Summerside Edmonton, Alberta. It is a beautiful park just off 91st. It had everything that Kristy and Josh were wanting in their photos, lots of trees, a nice pond, and a very cool bridge. There is parking very close by at 1207 91st SW. We photographed this couple in the spring at 6:30pm on May 17, 2015. To capture this image I used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200mm 2.8L series lens. Because we were shooting with their backs to the sun we needed some fill, so my wife Jackie is holding a reflector to bounce some light.