How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on A Budget
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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on A Budget

You may have had your dream wedding planned in your head or on a vision board for years but now that time has come to actually plan it. So where do you start?

First off, figure out what is important for your wedding for each of you. Write a list and then compare them. There may have to be some compromise but this will help make both of you aware of what is truly important to each of you. After you compare lists you can prioritize items. Maybe you both feel food is important, or having the best photographers, or a certain venue…Whatever the case, figuring out what is most important will make the planning process a little easier. Create a budget that you both think is fair. What is the absolute max that you will spend and how long will it take to get that money (figure out the source for which you plan on paying for your wedding. Do you have money saved? Do you plan on borrowing?)

Areas that we have seen couples save money:

DIY invitations

  • Honestly, guests don’t save your invitations, so why spend a bunch of your hard-earned cash on them?

Bake your own wedding cake or have a family member make one

  • We see more and more couples breaking away from the cake cutting tradition. However, if having a cake or cupcakes is something you want to do, consider baking it yourself or having that special family or friend bake one for you.

Do your own hair and makeup

  • Now, before I get a bunch of messages from all the amazing hair and makeup stylists that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, hear me out. This tip is one that should take a lot of time effort and practice. Maybe, as the bride, only you need to get your hair and makeup professionally done and your bridesmaids can do their own. Or maybe as a girl’s night one night you hire a professional makeup artist to come to your house to teach you all how to apply makeup. Either way, this tip needs to be carefully considered but can be a good way to cut back on costs.

Bridesmaids dresses

  • Have a colour you want the ladies to wear? Choosing a colour that is easy to find in any clothing store will help you or your bridesmaids save big time. They can all be wearing the same (or a shade of) colour but the style is totally up to them.

Choose a Friday or Sunday instead of Saturday

  • Now this won’t always work but we’ve heard of venues being much cheaper if you ask for availability on a date that’s not the most popular. If you are flexible, this could save you a bit on that must have venue.

Search the Buy and Sell groups on Facebook for used wedding decor

  • Decor rentals definitely add up. Take advantage of that eager bride that has already done all the work (maybe on her own DIY wedding decor). You’ll find its much cheaper to purchase some used items than it will be to rent.

This list could go on and on. When it really comes down to it, you and your partner have to agree on two things; a budget and what is the most important to the both of you. It’s your day but it doesn’t have to cost you the equivalent of a down payment on your house