Outdoor vs Indoor Edmonton Weddings
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Outdoor vs Indoor Edmonton Weddings

What will you choose? An indoor or an outdoor wedding ceremony in Edmonton? If you are having a February wedding I'm pretty sure I know which way you are deciding to go. Unless your name is Elsa and you plan on having Olaf in your wedding party Im guessing it will be somewhere cozy with possibly a fireplace very close by.

When we first connect with couples and they have not chosen a venue, my first question is "Would you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony and what is your stress level?"

My reason for this is because if you are someone who will be checking the weather non-stop the month before your wedding and stressing out in the process you may want to go with an indoor ceremony, just for your peace of mind. If you do decide on an outdoor ceremony make sure you have a plan B in place. If this year has taught us anything it is to definitely have a backup plan.

If the weather cooperates there is nothing like a beautiful ceremony outside. Jacqueline and Cory had their ceremony at a Golf Course. It did rain during the ceremony but they were well prepared with umbrellas for their wedding party and guests. If there is one thing to remember about Alberta weddings its to always bring an umbrella just incase. Luckily the rain stopped and we had perfect weather for their wedding photos.