How being organized saved my Edmonton wedding
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How being organized saved my Edmonton wedding

Being wedding photographers we see so many different kinds of timelines, we have seen what works and we have seen what areas could improve. We would like to offer some simple tips that will help your big day run a lot smoother. One that we strongly encourage is to come up with a list of names of family/friends/special guests for when its time to have family portraits. How does this work and why is it so important?

Well, there is no way for your photographer to know who is who and who should be included in your family portraits. To ensure no one is missed and so that we know family dynamics, having a list prepared beforehand helps everyone. When it comes time for portraits, all your photographer has to do is go off the list. Family portraits usually last 30-45 minutes (and this is being prepared! Can you imagine how long it could be if not prepared?!). Things to consider when preparing your list is children and elderly. For the sake of the screaming child or the elderly grandparent, try to have their photos done first (including any large group photos with them). After this portion of your photography is finished, you can relax and have fun posing it up with your amazing wedding party.