Hiring a professional photographer will save you money
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Hiring a professional photographer will save you money

It is no secret that there is an abundance of wedding photographers in Edmonton. If you want to see how many are out there just post "looking for someone to photograph my wedding" on any social media sites and then wait 2.3 seconds. It's like lowering a cheeseburger into a tank full of pirahnas.

'My cousin is a photographer", "You have to use my sister", "My best friend just bought a camera and will do it for free!".

So many offers and how do you narrow it down?

We always recommend meeting with anyone you are considering being a vendor at your wedding. Exceptional work is a great start but personality and reliability are always much more important. In fact it's so important that we will not book a wedding unless we have met the couple first. We want to make sure we will work together.

So what is a professional photographer and how can they save you money? A professional will have experience photographing many weddings in every situation imaginable. Snow, rain, no power in the venue, or what happens if you can't leave the hotel because of bad weather, you name it they have experienced it. Not only have they experienced it but they still delivered exceptional images.

The way that they can save you money is by sharing their knowledge of what works best on a wedding day. For starters they can help you with your wedding day timeline which is by far the most important part of your planning. This is the difference between a stress free day and complete chaos. They will know what time do start and finish everything like family photos, speeches, cake cutting.

A professional wedding photographer is not a wedding planner but can help with many aspects of the planning process. We are usually booked right after the venue so we can even help you with other vendors that you may be looking for like makeup and hair artists, florists, dj's, videographers, and even caterers. We don't get paid to recommend anyone, we just know who would be a great addition to your wedding.

We have been contacted by many couples that were disappointed after using a friend to photograph their weddings instead of a professional. It is heart breaking to hear the stories that we know all to well. Your wedding photographer is with you more than any other vendor and even more than you are with each other on the big day.

Make sure you do your research before booking anyone and most importantly meet with all of your vendors and trust your gut reaction.

At Darcy Preece Photography we have the experience to make your wedding images something you treasure for a lifetime.