Fun Wedding Photographer Leduc
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Fun Wedding Photographer Leduc

Story Behind The Photo

When it comes to capturing candid moments in wedding photography it really shows your experience when you can deliver powerful emotions from every wedding. 

This moment was captured because I anticipated where the guests would be. For this wedding the master of ceremonies had made a rule that if anyone wanted to see the bride and groom kiss, they had walk up to the head table and demonstrate a perfect kiss.

When I saw the grooms mother walking up I knew I had to find a perfect spot to catch the reaction of the head table. What I didn't know was who was coming up with her and that turned out to be a family member. 

When they kissed the guests were cheering and the reactions of the head table is priceless. I could look at this image for hours just going though all the different emotions that were captured. 

Location: 8450 Sparrow Dr, Leduc, AB T9E 7G4.