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Lifestyle Family Session Edmonton

When we first started out with photography we tried to follow the trend of posing newborns in crazy positions that looked very unnatural. I am sure you have seen them. Hands under their chin, knees like a tiny frog ready to hop. After leaving these sessions we would always walk away feeling like it was missing something. For us it was missing that connection between parents and their newborn baby. That's when we decided to completely change our process when it came to capturing newborn photos and switch to what we call a Lifestyle session. In order to make people feel as comfortable as possible we found that allowing them to stay in their own home for the session was the best way to achieve this. We also made sure that we were working around the babies schedule. After all this little one is the star of the show and we all know that a star needs his or her rest. Many of our Lifestyle clients are couples that we have worked with in the past while photographing their weddings and engagement photos. This is always so excited for us to see them again especially after welcoming their new baby into the world.