Capturing Professional Family Photo Sessions Edmonton
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Capturing Professional Family Photo Sessions Edmonton

We were thrilled to have the pleasure of photographing the Schlotter family once again. There is no better feeling for a photographer than to have repeat clients. For one thing it's reassurance that we did a great job the first time but more importantly it gives us a chance to see how much the kids have changed. While some things stay the same, each family grows and changes. Our goal was to encapsulate the evolving dynamics, the laughter, and the love that define the Schlotter's and I am proud to say I think we were successful.

The last time we photographed this family in Edmonton we used City Hall, and this session they chose the University of Alberts Arts building. We were super thankful for the mild winter so we could utilize the beauty of the trees surrounding the campus. They loved the urban vibes that City Hall provided on their first session but were eager for a touch of nature this time.

To our other returning families, we can't wait to witness the growth, the joy, and the love that has flourished since your last session. It's not just about the photos, it's about celebrating the beautiful journey of your family.