5 Little Known Facts About Edmonton Grad Photos
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5 Little Known Facts About Edmonton Grad Photos

After photographing high school students in the Edmonton area for their graduation photos we have come up with a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. You don't have to buy the boring photos that the school provides. Most people think that because everyone else is buying them they have to. Which would you prefer? 5 minutes with a photographer that uses the same poses and props for everyone or a photographer that gets to know you and your interests and spends 1 hour capturing who you really are.

2. Instead of being forced to use the school photographer that photographs 500 high school grads a day, you can choose a photographer that will work with only you and what you want.

3. Your family can be included in some of your photos. Yes bring mom, dad, your brothers and sisters whoever else you want to include in your grad session. We know how important these grad photos are and we want your favourite people to be there with you.

4. You can have multiple outfit changes. We usually recommend 2-3 maximum. Most girls want to have their grad dress as one and then a casual look that they wear all the time.

5. You can pick the location of your photos or we can help you choose a place that would work best for you. Are you a downtown Edmonton kind of person with striking architecture, or maybe an old brick building, or some artistic graffiti behind you, but if thats not your style maybe the river valley and cool bridges is more your scene because you are someone that loves nature. Whatever location you choose we want to have your thoughts about what would work best for you and why. We have found that people feel more confident when they are in an environment that is suitable for their personality.

Location: Devon, Alberta.