Hawrelak Park Edmonton Winter Engagement Session
Darcy Preece Photography
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Hawrelak Park Edmonton Winter Engagement Session

An Edmonton winter engagement session with a hockey player in the background just screams "Oh Canada." This photo was super close to not even happening. It actually took place after the engagement session. I had said goodbye to Deepak and Charlene after a great day at Hawrelak Park. We left in separate directions as we parked on opposite sides of the park. When I was walking back to my car I had to cross and outdoor rink. The sun was setting and there was a guy firing pucks into the net and in a split second I had the vision for this photo.

The only problem was we were finished and Deepak and Charlene were way on the the other side of the park. I hesitated and thought they would probably say no as we had been out for a few hours already, but I thought I should ask anyways.

To my pleasant surprise they were both super excited to keep going. Charlene was a competitive figure skater so getting her back on the ice was easy.

I am so glad I asked them to keep going as this image ending up being my favourite one from the day.