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Edmonton Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Whyte ave is the perfect location for your Edmonton engagement session. It provides the quintessential mix of colour and character to give you a wide variety of options. One of my favourite photos from Grace and Kevin's engagement session is this one in front of Julio's Barrio restaurant. Luckily it was't quite spring yet so the patio was still closed otherwise we would not have been able to achieve this pose. I didn't get to this idea until many people crossed in front of us, each one extremely apologetic but once I had an image of them alone I wanted people to cross so I could slow my shutter speed down and create the illusion of fast movement. It worked perfectly! My goal was to give the feeling that they are so much in love that even a busy street can't hold them back from getting in a loving moment.

Location: 10450 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2.