Edmonton Cherry Blossom Photos
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Edmonton Cherry Blossom Photos

The cherry blossoms in Edmonton are a sure sign that winter is finally in the rear view mirror. It is a very brief window to catch them in full bloom but it is definitely our favourite time of year because it also means that wedding season is just around the corner.

When we first met Donna and Terry they expressed their interest in capturing the blossoms as a top priority. Luckily they were very flexible with their schedule so it was much easier to plan.

We never know when or how long they will be around so we have to act quickly. All it takes is a strong rain and wind storm to dash any hopes of a magical photo session. When everything lines up perfectly I don't think there is a nicer backdrop in Edmonton.

One thing to keep in mind is that because the cherry blossoms are so popular we recommend finding a professional wedding photographer that will know some secret locations that most people don't know about. This way you are not in an over crowded location with someone who is unexperienced.

At Darcy Preece Photography we have spent many hours scouting the perfect locations for our clients. We would love to share them with you for your wedding or engagement photos.