5 Reasons to do Engagement Photos in Edmonton
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5 Reasons to do Engagement Photos in Edmonton

Engagement photos are the perfect way to get things rolling before your wedding. We have come up with a list of why Edmonton is the perfect place to capture these memories.

1. Edmonton is home to the incredible North Saskatchewan River which provides the stunning river valley that so many people use for their wedding and engagement photos.

2. Edmonton has four seasons. This may seem obvious but having the option to decide which time of year you like best is a massive luxury.

3. The Legislative Building in Edmonton is quite possible the most photographed location in the city. As a photographer it's the most requested location I get from my clients. This includes weddings, engagements, families, and grads. Everyone wants photos at the Lege

4. Barns and Farms. The heart of Edmonton is the rural areas that surround it. Edmonton is known as a working class city and we are proud of it. If you drive 10 minutes out of the city you can find many historic barns to perfect that vintage theme. They make the perfect backdrop but make sure you ask permission first.

5. Blossoms. Albeit a relatively short window to capture the majestic beauty of the blossoms in Edmonton if you have a flexible schedule it can be done. We are incredibly lucky to witness this annual event that nature presents us and what better way to celebrate than to capture your engagement photos surrounded by them.