3 Secrets to Better Engagement Photos
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3 Secrets to Better Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are like a dress rehearsal for the wedding day. It gives the couple a chance to see if their photographer is the right fit and for most people this is the first time they have been photographed professionally. So how can you make sure that you maximize your engagement session to be the best ever? Here are our three secrets to ensuring that happens.

1. Lighting is everything. There is a time of day called "golden hour" this is 1-2 hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset. The reason it's called golden hour is because the light is magnificent. It turns an ordinary scene into something out of a movie. We try to schedule our engagement sessions during these times. The photo above was taken at sunrise.

2. Choose a location that means something to you. For Julie and Damien they chose the Terwilegar dog park for their session. They enjoy bringing their dogs here in the mornings and the location has significance. Now when they look at the photos they are reminded of the significance of this area. Couples also feel more comfortable when they are in their element. I have photographed engagement sessions at arcades, ball parks, ice rinks just to name a few unique locations.

3. Posing will make or break your photos. Have you ever looked at photos of yourself and thought what am I doing with my hands? Or why am I making that weird face? This is when working with a professional really pays off. I will help you with all of this. Our goal is to make your photos look as natural as possible, so my secret is to put you into poses that allow your true expressions to shine through. I also use your energy towards each other to produce genuine smiles and laughter. Lets face it having someone point a camera at you and say smile is intimidating and all anyone ever wants from photos is to not look silly. I can guarantee that we can accomplish this with our experience working with couples for over 10 years.