Why Edmonton weddings make you happier
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Why Edmonton weddings make you happier

After photographing more than 100 weddings in the Edmonton area we have come to conclusion that Edmonton Weddings do make you happier. Now before I get a bunch of emails from the Calgary couples, don't worry there will be a post about your magnificent city as well.

So why would you choose Edmonton for the wedding of your dreams? Well for starters we have two of the most luxurious venues in all of Canada. Both have been voted as venue of the year by Blush Magazine, both have been around for more than 10 years, with one of them being in Edmonton for more than a century. If you have not already guessed we are referring to the Oasis Centre and The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. These are just two of the thousands of venues in Edmonton, if you would like to see our favourites we have them here: Top 10 Edmonton Wedding Venues

So why would an abundance of venues make you happier? When couples get engaged the first thing they do is start looking for a place to host the wedding of their dreams. If every place you call is booked imagine the disappointment of this newly engaged couple. This won't happen here because there are so many options.

If you are struggling to find a wedding venue we would love to help out. At Darcy Preece Photography our goal is to make sure you have a stress free wedding and with our experience in the industry we know we can achieve this for you.

Location: 10330 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2G9.