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We have been asked about this wedding photo more than any other we have taken in over 10 years of photographing weddings. Is it real? Is the plane photoshopped in? Did the groomsmen really dive? I am proud to say that this 100% real, not photoshopped in any way and yes the groomsmen took a huge dive and had the grass stains to show for it.

When I was first contacted by Shawn and Teddi they talked about an airplane themed wedding. I had no idea that we would have an actual airplane flying over our heads!

This beautiful wedding took place in August on a private airstrip. It rained every weekend a month before their wedding and it rained for about a month every weekend after their wedding.So it was no surprise that the morning of their wedding we woke up to rain. At this point in our wedding season we were getting quite used to it but it's always tough when you know the couple has planned an outdoor ceremony.

While Teddi and her bridesmaids were getting ready, Shawn and his groomsmen were checking the weather report, watching the clouds and trying to wait until the last possible moment to decide on setting up inside the tent or outside by the planes.

Mother nature was not cooperating but Shawn was determined to give his bride the ceremony she had been dreaming of. When the guests started arriving Shawn made the call to have everything outside and he definitely made the right decision. The weather held off and ended up being a beautiful day.

With the help of their planner Josephine at Purple Sash Weddings the ceremony had two airplanes framing the couple as they said I do. Their infant daughter was wheeled up the aisle in a vintage wagon by Shawn's sister Amy and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

I always love when couples write and read their own vows. There is a certain authenticity that comes along with using your own words and Shawn and Teddi's vows were so good. So good in fact that Shawn managed to quote some gangster rap into his which had their guests laughing.

Their reception space was on the same property as the ceremony and again Purple Sash Weddings transformed the space into something magical. Complete with an airplane theme and a stunning cake.

The guests danced well into the night thanks to Baseline DJ and Photo Booth Services.

Location: Morinville, AB.