Graduation Photographer Edmonton High School
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Graduation Photographer Edmonton High School

Why would you hire a high school graduation photographer in Edmonton when everyone you know has a phone that can take perfectly good photos? This is a great question and you can certainly use your phone to capture them, but if you decide that you want something better for this once in a lifetime event we recommend finding a professional grad photographer.

Most parents hang their kids grad photos on their walls until they get married so you are looking at, at least 10 years of grad photos hanging on your wall. For this reason we make sure to capture who your son or daughter really is. Yes the boring photos that you get from the school are nice but why would you want to have the exact same photos as everyone else. Hands folded on the table, or holding your diploma with a cheesy smile, or how about holding a bunch of roses together because that doesn't look random? Lol

We create high school grad photos that make parents and kids proud to hang on their wall.