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Creative Grad Photographer Edmonton

When we first started talking about high school grad photos with Madison it was imperative that her horse was included in her session. We love when grads are passionate about something and we get excited to capture something special for them.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Madison and her horse and that was a silhouette of the both of them together. We set up the pose they both locked eyes and it was magic. I like to use off camera flash for this type of silhouette so that there is a nice rim light around them. We both couldn't have been happier about the final result. Madison loved the photo so much that she used it to make a sticker for her truck in shop class. She even used it to make a few greeting cards.

This is what we do for high school students. We provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to be photographed in your graduating year of high school. We love what we do and are honoured each and every time we work with our clients.