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Amazing Grad Photographer in Edmonton

Super moon

This portrait of Madison and her horse, is one of my favourite images that I have ever taken. Firstly because of the difficulty in taking night images, and then factoring in working with an animal that may not cooperate, and lastly hoping that the weather would work in our favour and give us a clear view of the moon. 

So when the brightest super moon in 60 years comes around and you have a high school grad willing to be photographed at 4am you take that opportunity and hope to create magic. And that is exactly what we did with this photo. 

When we asked Madison if she would be interested she immediately replied "yes".

Now the only difficult part of this image was convincing "King James" to keep his head up. Madison had to bribe him with some treats and when he looked up I quickly took the image and knew right away we had something special. 

I sent the image to Western Horse Review to see if they were interested in publishing the grad photo and to my surprise they were extremely excited to run it on a full page. 

Madison attends John Maland High School in Devon, Alberta.

Her interests are everything that revolves around horses. That includes country music, boots, saddles, and just being outside with her favourite 4 legged friends. 

Location: 105 Athabasca Ave, Devon, AB T9G 1A4.