5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning an Outdoor Wedding
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5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

There are so many outdoor wedding venues in the Edmonton area. Before you choose one make sure you go over our list to help you make a decision.

Mistake #1:

The ceremony spot has no shade! Sitting in direct sun is no fun for your guests, nor is it ideal for the beautiful couple getting married. When scouting out outdoor venues for your ceremony, look for shaded areas or be prepared with a tent, gazebo, canvas awning or umbrellas for your guests.

Mistake #2:

You’ve found that beautiful spot to have your ceremony. It’s got some shade, enough space for guests the only thing is its right beside the water. What’s not so beautiful is the mosquitoes that thrive in this type of setting. Be prepared with citronella candles and mosquitoes spray.

Mistake #3:

No backup plan! Let’s face it, no one can be sure of the weather in the summer. It could be beautiful all week leading up to your wedding but what happens if the grey skies roll in the night before? Without a backup plan, you better be ok with the possibility that there could rain coming down as you say your I Do’s. As photographers, we’re always prepared for anything, but unfortunately, when our couples aren’t this could put a damper on things * no pun intended!

Mistake #4:

Distance from the ceremony to the Reception venue -

Often times this isn’t so easy to avoid. However, here are a few things to consider:

If your ceremony starts at 1PM and goes for 30 mins and is then followed by a 40-45-minute family portraits session – this means the rest of your guests have from approximately 2PM till 5:30PM (if you plan on having cocktails at the reception) to figure out what they should do. Most times they will go grab lunch somewhere or find a place to take a quick cat nap.

If this is the case for your wedding day timeline, perhaps you may want to provide your guests with some suggestions on where they can go eat, or things they can do that are close by. This is especially helpful for those out-of-town guests.

Mistake #5:

The groom and groomsmen are soaking though their suites! Be cautious when choosing the material for the suits for the men. Maybe you can ditch the vest or the tie. Or, maybe have those hand-held fans available for some sort of relief. Whatever the case, no one likes to be looking sweaty and feeling uncomfortable. Anything you can do to help with that will make everyone happy.

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