5 Lessons for a summer wedding in Edmonton
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5 Lessons for a summer wedding in Edmonton

Summer wedding must-haves!

Ahhhh, it’s a beautiful summer day in Edmonton! A perfect day to have a wedding! The temperature is HOT and the sun is bright! Have you considered some things that will help keep everyone, including the happy couple, comfortable while outside? Here are a few ideas we’ve seen our smart prepared couples have at their summer weddings:

Tip #1:

Water! Guests don’t really enjoy sitting and waiting for the ceremony to start. A venue we’ve shot at quite a bit is Hastings Lake Gardens. This beautiful, outdoor venue, is just outside of Edmonton. The gazebo and surrounding area are where the ceremonies happen. Depending on the time of day, the sun can shine straight down on your guests during the ceremony. Having water handy definitely helps. Consider the environment though and instead of plastic water bottles, have a water cooler with recyclable cups for your guests to use.

Tip #2:

Sticking with the “green” theme – consider making fans out of recycled paper! You can easily print the order of proceedings for your ceremony along with the names of everyone in your wedding party.

Tip #3:

SHADE! Shade is your friend. If your venue doesn’t have much in terms of shade, consider renting a tent or strategically placing table umbrellas around (either stand-alone or at cocktail tables).

Tip #4:

Bug spray

Sunscreen and bug spray! The last thing anyone wants when they’re all dressed up is to get sunburned and/or to get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Tip #5:

Timing is everything. If at all possible have your ceremony in the morning or late afternoon. 10:30am is perfect for morning and 2:30 is ideal for the afternoon.

Summer is a beautiful time of year to get married. Be prepared and your summer wedding will have everyone feeling like you are the ultimate wedding planner!

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