3 Secrets to Better Wedding Party Photos in Edmonton
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3 Secrets to Better Wedding Party Photos in Edmonton

Being a good wedding photographer starts with taking a dynamic approach to every group setting. Understanding and having an open mind is crucial when communicating with different personalities on a wedding day. Over the years we have worked with outgoing bridal parties that have lots of ideas and reserved bridal parties that just want to get through the photos as quickly as possible. Both are deserving of outstanding images so here is our 3 secrets to achieving just that.

1. Develop a relationship with the wedding party.

We have found that our energy sets the tone of the day the minute we walk through the door on the morning of the wedding. There is usually a lot of nerves and it is our job to calm those nerves through reassurance or humour. We get to know everyones names and find out how they know the couple. We explain very briefly what our style is and that we will try and make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Once this is established most people start to relax a little. This is so important to capturing those candid moments.

2. Read the room

Once you have introduced yourself and understand the relationships with everyone, listen carefully to how they interact with each other. Are they loud and cracking jokes, dancing while getting ready, crushing mimosas at 9am? Or are they quiet and keeping to themselves, maybe for some this is the first time meeting? We need to be very adaptable after reading the room because how you approach these different groups is paramount to how successful your day will be with the wedding party.

3. Be prepared for anything

Throughout the day the wedding party may have suggestions or ask if you need help with certain things. We are always grateful for these moments and if time allows will try anything. Doing so ensures an ally on your side when it's time to follow through with one of your ideas. There have been so many situations where the groomsmen are uninterested in having their photos taken and then one of them has a crazy idea for a pose. I will always do whatever idea they have because it shows we are willing to have fun with them.

Whatever direction you decide to take with the wedding party is has to be genuine. If it's fake people will see right through it. The other thing I wanted to mention was knowing when to take breaks especially in extreme weather. We don't push people past their comfort zone just to get the photo. I would much prefer that people remember us as being fun and relaxed while still delivering amazing images.

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