10 Reasons to Pick Hotel MacDonald for your Wedding
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10 Reasons to Pick Hotel MacDonald for your Wedding

The Hotel MacDonald is one of the most popular Edmonton wedding venues. As wedding photographers we can understand why because we are lucky to work there many times throughout the wedding season. We have come up with a list of 10 reasons why this is the perfect venue for your wedding.

1. The history. This was Edmontons first luxury hotel so they have been perfecting things for quite a while.

2. The food. With world class restaurants and top chefs your dining experience will be like no other. Your wedding guests will be treated to something unique at your reception.

3. The ballrooms. For us this is our favourite part of photographing weddings at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. Their ballrooms have towering ceilings, exquisite chandeliers, and the decor is regal. When combined its a dream come true.

4. The Location. It doesn't get much better than this. It's located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, and just a few blocks away from Churchill Square, City Hall, and the Art Gallery. The hotel overlooks the picturesque river valley as well as the Walterdale bridge. I feel like the city was built around the Hotel MacDonald.

5. The staff. When you visit the hotel and restaurant you will know why this venue is so popular. The staff are quite simply remarkable. That is not an easy thing to do with the amount of people that must work there. They realize how important each person is and they are treated accordingly. I can assure you this is our interpretation with every visit and we are there many times a year.

6. The courtyard and patio offer the best view of the river valley hands down. They also have a beautiful waterfall and a plethora of flowers, and trees. We love this because we don't need to travel anywhere for your wedding photos. Everything can be done right there which takes a lot of stress out of driving around the city and making sure your back in time for the grand entrance.

7. Indoor photo options. This is a huge benefit if the weather turns miserable and you don't have a plan B. Booking your wedding here solidifies your backup plan and its well equipped for indoor or outdoor photos. With an unparalleled staircases, a baby grand piano, there are unlimited options for indoor wedding photos.

8. Having your wedding in a hotel is always a bonus because your out of town guests can stay there as well. This way they can stay as long as they want at the reception.

9. Possible celebrity sighting. When anyone famous comes to town this is the hotel that they stay at. The last wedding we photographed there we ran into a whole NHL team. Can you imagine someone famous crashing your wedding? Who would it be?

10. The best all in one wedding venue in Edmonton. From the bridal suite, to the ceremony, your wedding photos, the reception, the catering, to the hotel to stay the night. The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald has everything you will ever need to have your dream wedding!

Location: 10065 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N6.